On December 20th, 2009 I saw Laura Stevenson & the Cans and Jeff Rosenstock playing an acoustic/iPod set as Bomb the Music Industry!.

Digital Tour Poster

Inside Reggie's Record Breakers store. LS was touring in support of their Holy Ghost EP.

Line Up

Band Name Billing Amount of Set Watched
Laura Stevenson & the CansHeadlinerEntire
Bomb the Music Industry!OpenerEntire


I can't remember if it was before the set when I talked to Jeff or during his set he asked for requests when I asked him to play "Syke! Life is Awesome!". During Jeff's set he played the yet to be released Struggler which during stage banter between him and Laura revealed that he had just finished the drum track that day in the van. Four days later the a demo song got posted and was accompanied by a blog post on the band's tumblr. [1]The next day the demo was available for download.


I got a green LS shirt with a tin can telephone and microphone.

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