On October 8th, 2011 I went to (the now long defunct) Congress Theater to see Descendents at headline Riot Fest. This was the first Riot Fest I attended and the last one to be held at Congress before it moved outside to Humboldt Park.

Line Up Edit

Band Name Amount of Set Watched
Descendents Entire
The Suicide MachinesMost
Leftover CrackEntire
Strike AnywhereEntire
Flatfoot 56Entire
The MenzingersEntire
The FlatlinersEntire
Shot Baker Entire
Larry and His FlaskEntire
Cheap GirlsNone
The CopyrightsNone


Descendents' Set

  1. Descendents
  2. Hope
  3. Rotting Out
  4. Silly Girl
  5. I Wanna Be a Bear
  6. I'm the One
  7. I Don't Want to Grow Up
  8. Van
  9. Talking
  10. My Dad Sucks
  11. Sour Grapes
  12. I Like Food
  13. Pervert
  14. All-O-Gistics
  15. Nothing With You
  16. Weinerschnitzel
  17. No! All!
  18. Clean Sheets
  19. Myage
  20. When I Get Old
  21. Suburban Home
  22. Coffee Mug
  23. Lucky
  24. Everything Sux
  25. Get the Time
  26. I'm Not a Loser


  1. Bikeage
  2. Thank You
  3. Coolidge

Encore 2:

  1. Kabuki Girl
  2. Catalina

The Suicide Machines covered 2 Black Flag songs, uuugh.

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