On August 3rd, 2011 I saw Bomb the Music Industry! and The Sidekicks at Beat Kitchen. The first two bands sounded great. I, for a while, decided to take my earplugs out and they sounded fine. Bomb didn't sound bad per se, just loud as hell and not as clear as the other acts. I crowd surfed and nearly got dropped on my head. I landed on stage and knocked over a mic stand. So punk rock.

Line Up Edit

Band Name Billing Amount of Set Watched
Bomb the Music IndustryHeadlinerEntire
The SidekicksSupportEntire
Shortstop from TokyoOpenerEntire


I don't really recall, I'm sure they played plenty of stuff off of their new album, Vacation. So I bet they opened with Campaign For A Better Next Weekend. I Don't Love You Anymore was played for their encore.


I brought along a t-shirt in hopes of getting spray painted (something that wasn't done at their last show. They only had one stencil and the crowd was spilling out into the street. The Kitchen didn't like this so Jeff came out and started tagging shirts, including mine.

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