On July 26th, 2010 I saw Bomb the Music Industry!, The Gunshy, Sanawon, and Sundials at Reggie's Rock Club. This was a full band tour

(Digital) Show Flyer

for BTMI!

Since it was at Reggie's there was no crowdsurfing or stagediving allowed. Jeff Rosenstock disregarded this rule and tried to stagedive with his guitar during a middle of a song but landed on some highschoolers and took them to the ground. People then swarmed in and got JR back up where he surfed to the stage, landed on his head and broke a guitar string.

For their final song, Bomb played 'Future 86' I can't rembmer if Bomb started pulling people up on stage or not but eventually a huge portion of the crowd (myself included, obviously) was on stage singing along. It was awesome, I remember the giant security guard saying as every walked off stage "I ain't even mad, y'all was cool."

This was the first time I met Sanawon.

This was Sundials' first show in Chicago who were on their own seperate tour.

Line Up

Band Name Billing Amount of Set Watched
Bomb the Music Industry! HeadlinerEntire
The Gunshy SupportEntire
Sanawon 2nd OpenerEntire


This was BTMI!'s their first tour with shirts on sale. I later learned that this was BTMI!'s first show with merch. They had it shipped to Chicago and it had arrived earlier that day. I was told this by Harris the singer of Sundials the second time I saw them at Alderaan.

Sanawon was giving away her album Bonfire Nights which I picked up a copy of.

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