June 30th, 2010
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On June 30th, 2010 I saw The Devil Wears Prada for the first time also saw Miss May I for the first time at Subterranean for the Back to the Roots Tour, Presented by Rockstar Energy Drink. This marks several other firsts for me. Including but not limited to, my first time crowd surfing, stage diving and moshing. While I was crowd surfing my glasses fell off, luckily I took the precaution to wear an old pair. They were later found, smashed and without lenses. Being my first concert I didn't use ear plugs. Upon leaving Subt it felt like I was underwater.

Line Up

Band Name Billing Amount of Set Watched
The Devil Wears Prada Headliner Entire
Miss May I SupportEntire
Your DemiseOpenerEntire


The Devil Wears Prada's setlist [1]

Song Title

  1. HTML Rulez D00d
  2. Sassafras
  3. Ben Has a Kid
  4. Swords, Dragons, and Diet Coke
  5. Nickels Is Money Too
  6. Rosemary Had an Accident (Partially played. Breakdown Only)
  7. Assistant to the Regional Manager
  8. Texas Is South
  9. Outnumbered (At the time was previously unreleased)
  10. Hey John, What's Your Name Again?

Encore Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over

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